‘Junior Puzzles’ gets a fantastic new look and brand-new content.

As reported in InPublishing, we’ve completely transformed ‘Junior Puzzles’ – the oldest children’s puzzle magazine, launched in the 1970s – to ensure it continues to appeal to Gen Alpha and beyond. We enlisted the expertise of Beano Brain, the go-to name for kids’ and family insights, who put the magazine into a review panel made up of children and parents.

The panel still enjoyed the existing title, welcoming the screen-free experience and the time it gave them to spend as family solving together. However, one thing they all agreed on was that they wanted much more focus on the puzzles themselves, including adding trickier ones.

‘Junior Puzzles’ is now filled with many more traditional puzzles, rather than image-based ones. It also includes maths and English conundrums made specially for clever kids who love a challenge! The revised look offers inclusivity and engagement for today’s younger audience of puzzle fans and provides that much-needed segue into puzzle magazines created for the adult market. We hope it will delight generations to come.

Junior Puzzles’ contains over 140 quality puzzles, plus two fantastic competitions, in each issue.

Cover of Junior Puzzles Magazine on a chequerboard background with yellow paint splats.


GIF of the colourful inside pages of Junior Puzzles magazine.





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