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We can supply puzzles and quizzes for book publication – puzzles only, as print-ready pages, or we can undertake the entire print production process. The content can be generic or themed, at different levels of difficulty and suited to any age or audience.

We have produced popular series of puzzle compilations such as ‘The Sun Quick Crosswords’ and ‘The Times Ultimate Killer Sudoku’, building on the popularity of each newspaper’s puzzle content.

Our content can be geared towards adults, such as the brain-training puzzles and activities created for books by Marks & Spencer and ‘The Times’.

Equally, we can provide material suited to a young audience, like the magical puzzles created for ‘Rainy Day Unicorn Fun’ activity book.

Puzzles can be centred around themes. For the National Trust, we produced pocket puzzle books on Kings & Queens, Gardens & Flowers and Great Britons.

Our quiz books for Collins each contain 10,000 quiz questions, on general knowledge and specialist subjects, at easy, medium and hard difficulty levels.


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