Hanjie / Nonogram

Guided by clues, use logic to shade in grid squares to reveal a picture.

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Hanjie or Nonogram is a popular ‘picture-painting’ puzzle in which squares in a blank grid are shaded to reveal a pixelated picture. A puzzle consists of a blank grid with number clues at the head of each row and column. The solver’s task is to shade squares, and blocks of squares, in each row and column so their length and sequence correspond to the number clues. There must be at least one empty square between adjacent blocks. Next moves can always be calculated by logic – guesswork should never be needed.

Hanjie / Nonogram puzzles vary in size, with the larger puzzles able to produce pictures with great detail. Colour Hanjie is a version of the puzzle using multiple different colours. 

Other names for the puzzle include CrossPix, Crucipixel, Griddlers, Logic Art, Logimage, NemoLogic, Paint By Numbers, Pic-A-Pix and Pixel Puzzle.


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