Spot The Difference

Spot the differences between two otherwise identical pictures.

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Spot The Difference is an evergreen puzzle that everyone knows and everyone can enjoy. The challenge is to spot the deliberately engineered differences between two otherwise identical pictures.

Solvers are usually told the number of differences to find. However, the puzzle can be used for a competition by asking how many differences there are – but it’s critical that there is no confusion as to what counts as a single difference. For example, if a character is shown wearing red gloves in one picture and blue in the other, should the two gloves be counted as two differences or one difference? 

It is also possible to create a competition puzzle by overlaying the pictures with a grid, and challenging the solver to identify the co-ordinates of any changes.

We can create Spot The Difference using any image that would suit the audience, from colourful cartoons to photographs of celebrities. The differences can range from relatively easy to spot, to deviously difficult.


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