What puzzle formats can you supply?

Please see Our Puzzles for an overview of the puzzle types we can supply in print and digitally.

Can I request different levels of complexity within my puzzles?

Yes. We have many genres and difficulty levels available.

Can you make my existing puzzles digital?

Yes. We can ingest multiple file formats via our third-party uploader tools.

If I’m using puzzles in print, what format will I get them in?

The most cost-effective solution is single-file outputs for each puzzle, supplied as a default grid PDF. However, we can also provide print-ready PDF pages.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on factors such as content frequency, puzzle types, bespoke requirements, integration, and whether content is synched across print and digital. Please get in touch for a quote today via our Contact Form


How quickly can digital content be integrated into my system?

Between one and three days depending on the complexity of your needs, but we have had clients set up and live within 24 hours.

Once set up, what work/maintenance is required?

None. Once set up, the digital solution is fully automated so new content will appear when you need it to.

Will the digital solution work with my existing website/apps?

Yes. We are already integrated with multiple e-editions and websites.

What if I work with third-party platforms?

No problem. We support integration with your own IT teams and their external service providers.

Can I have a demonstration?

Yes. We are always happy to give demonstrations. Please get in touch via our Contact Form.


Is there someone I can speak to if I need technical assistance?

Yes. Our head of digital and the tech team work directly with clients during the set-up processes and beyond.

Can you provide technical specifications for my IT team?

Yes, once an NDA is signed and issued as part of the set-up process for testing and review.

Find out how we can help you with a wide range of puzzle solutions. Complete the form or call us today on 07816 088 083.

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