Use logic to place numbers in a grid according to simple principles.

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Suguru is a pure logical challenge that is simple to understand but rather more complex to solve – making it an involved and satisfying puzzle. We divide a grid into blocks of between one and five squares.

Once the puzzle is complete, each square in a block will contain a number from 1 to x, where x is the number of squares in that block. So, a single-square block will contain the number 1; a block of two squares will contain the numbers 1 and 2; and so on.

Given some starter numbers, the solver’s challenge is to fill the grid so that no same number is touching, not even diagonally. They need a sharp eye to spot the clever interplay of the different block shapes with the ‘no same number appearing in neighbouring squares’ rule.

We can create Suguru puzzles in a range of sizes and difficulty levels which can, at their hardest, challenge even the most experienced of solvers.


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