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Possibly the most popular of all puzzles, the Wordsearch (aka Word Finder and Find-A-Word) has universal appeal across all age groups. We create a themed list of words and hide them in a grid of letters, running forwards or backwards, up, down or diagonally. The solver’s task is to find the words and mark them off.

Extra elements can be added to a wordsearch to increase engagement or to use it as a competition puzzle. The solver might have to identify the one word on the list that isn’t hidden in the grid – or find a word hidden in the grid that isn’t listed but does fit the theme. Once all the listed words have been found, the letters in the grid that don’t appear in any of the hidden words might spell out another word or phrase.

Other possibilities for putting a fun twist on a straightforward wordsearch include the use of shaped grids, from simple geometric shapes to animals or vehicles. Neither do words have to run in straight lines – they can run, for example, in the shape of a letter O. False trails can be laid, with the first few letters of words on the word list appearing in the grid to lead the solver quite literally on a false trail. 

Wordsearch is a popular choice for children’s publications. It serves as a fun language-learning tool, requiring no background knowledge or clue-solving ability, and helping to reinforce spelling and build vocabulary.


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