Kriss Kross

Find the only way to fit all the words into the grid.

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Kriss Kross (aka Criss Cross, Jig Word, Fill In, Fill-It-In and Word Fit) is one of the most popular of all puzzle types. We give the solver a list of words to fit into a grid of interlocking squares resembling an asymmetrical crossword. There is only one possible way in which all the words will piece together. Where it appears that more than one word can fit in a particular word space, the solver will have to think a few steps ahead to determine which word belongs there. 

We can compile themed word lists to use for kriss kross. This makes the puzzle popular for children’s publications as not only are they fun to solve, but they also help with spelling and vocabulary. A starter word can be placed in the grid to give the solver a helping hand. 


For an extra element of fun, or to use the puzzle for a competition, there may be one word in the list that does not belong in the grid – and it’s the solver’s task to identify it. Alternatively, the letters in highlighted squares in the completed grid can spell out a word or an anagram. 

To help solvers identify the word spaces in the grid where a word of a particular length can go, we can include small numbers in the printed grids to indicate the word length required to fill each space. When playing our digital kriss kross, a solver can click on the word in the list and all spaces in the grid of the right word length will light up – or the solver can click on a word space in the grid to light up all words in the list of the right length. For the solver, this is a real time-saver.

The kriss kross is closely related to the Fit Word. A version of the puzzle using numbers instead of words is Number Jig / Number Fit.


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