Number Jig / Number Fit

Find the only way to fit all the numbers into the grid.

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Number Jig or Number Fit (aka Cross Number and Number Fill In) is the number equivalent of a Kriss Kross or Fit Word. We give the solver a list of numbers to fit into a grid of interlocking squares. There is only one possible way in which all the numbers will piece together. Filling the grid is a process of logic, often involving thinking ahead several moves to deduce which of several possible numbers is the correct one to fill any given space.

For an extra level of engagement, or to use the puzzle for a competition, there may be one number listed that doesn’t have a place in the grid – this would be the prize answer. 

When playing our digital Number Jig, the solver can click on a number in the list and the spaces in the grid of the right length will light up – or they can click on a space in the grid to light up the numbers in the list of the right length. This simple feature enhances the digital solving experience.


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