Fit Word

Find the only way to fit all the words into the symmetrical grid.

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A Fit Word (aka Jig-A-Link) challenges the solver to find the one possible way in which all the listed words will fit into a grid of intersecting word spaces. It’s solved in the same way as a Kriss Kross, but the grid is usually symmetrical and more closely interlocking. This is likely to make it more challenging as there will be more words of the same length, increasing the number of options for each word space in the grid. The solver will have to think a few more steps ahead to determine the correct word for each word space. 

Given the large number of words of the same length required for a Fit Word, the puzzle doesn’t usually have a themed word list, but we can compile themed lists if required as long as the subject is broad enough.

For an extra bit of fun, or to use a Fit Word as a competition puzzle, there can be an additional word in the list that doesn’t belong in the grid, which the solver has to identify. Or letters in highlighted squares in the completed grid can spell out a word or anagram. 

When playing our digital Fit Word, the solver can click on a word in the list and all spaces in the grid of the right word length will light up – or the solver can click on a word space in the grid to light up all words in the list of the right length. This is a handy time-saver for the solver.

A version of the puzzle using numbers instead of words is Number Jig / Number Fit.


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