Solve the clues contained within the grid and write the answers in the directions shown.

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The Arroword (aka Arrowword and Clues In Square Crossword) is the most popular puzzle in many European countries – and is up there among the most popular puzzles in the UK too. Other names include Scandinavian Crossword and Swedish Crossword because it’s said to have originated in this region. In essence, it’s a crossword but with the clues contained within the grid itself – the solver enters each answer in the direction indicated by the arrows (left to right, or downwards). 

There is a great deal of intersection of answer letters in an arroword grid which tends to make them easier to solve than crosswords, since most of the letters of one answer are likely to form part of (and thus give a clue to) other answers.

Also, as the clue boxes are fairly small, the clues must be concise so most arrowords don’t contain complex or cryptic clues. 

Arroword grids can incorporate photos and use highlighted squares for spell-out answers. Picture clues can even be used, which is a great choice for children’s versions. It’s a fun puzzle, very popular in women’s weeklies. 


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