Codeword / Codecracker

Work out what letter is represented by each number in a crossword grid.

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The Codeword or Codecracker (aka Code Breaker) is a popular puzzle that takes the form of a completed crossword grid in which each letter of the alphabet has been substituted for a number from 1 to 26. The solver’s challenge is to work out what number represents each letter. Some letters will already be in the grid as starters – typically two or three, but fewer or more can be given to change the difficulty level. The solver must decipher the rest of the code by guessing the words in the completed puzzle. 

The solver’s tactics include looking out for common word endings, double letters and the likely position of the most used letters in English – although a canny compiler setting tougher codewords will do their best to avoid using these! Because the answer words are recognised from letter combinations, rather than deduced from clues, we avoid using phrases, hyphenated words, proper nouns and foreign words that are not yet fully accepted in English.

We choose our starter letters carefully to give the solver a way into the puzzle, but without giving away so much information that the puzzle becomes too easy, with one word after the other becoming immediately obvious. We also take care to avoid alternative solutions – with insufficient thoroughness, letters that make few appearances in the grid may prove to be interchangeable, for example ZEAL, JEST and VEER, or VEAL, ZEST and JEER. 

For extra engagement, the letters of the cracked code can be used to decipher a mystery word or phrase.


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