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A feature of most English-language newspapers, the Crossword is enduringly popular. We give the solver a set of clues whose answers are to be entered into a grid of intersecting squares. Letters that have been placed in the grid (if correct!) help the solver guess other answers. 

Usually, all the clues are of a kind. In Quick or Straight Crosswords, the clue may be a synonym or a simple definition of the answer. Quiz-style crosswords contain general knowledge clues, sometimes on a single theme. The enigmatic Cryptic Crossword is a variety that’s earned its own entry! 

We can compile crosswords to suit different ages and interests, and at different levels of difficulty. For extra engagement, or to use a crossword as a competition puzzle, squares in the grid can be highlighted, with the letters that appear there spelling out a word, phrase or anagram.

While we can create differently shaped crossword grids, they are typically square with some degree of symmetry. American grids are heavily interlocking, often with every letter appearing in both an Across and a Down answer. British-style grids have a larger number of black squares, with up to half of the letters forming part of both an Across and a Down answer. Because of their symmetrical nature, the dimensions of British-style grids are generally odd numbers, the most common being 13×13 and 15×15. 

Crossword grids containing black squares are known as ‘blocked’. Their counterpart, ‘barred grids’, have no black squares, and divisions between answers are indicated by thick lines. We compile this type of crossword as a puzzle known as Continuity.


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