Use logic to form a path through a lattice of dots according to simple rules.

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Slitherlink (aka Loop-the-Loop, Sli-Lin, Suriza, Suriza-rinku, Takegaki and Turning Fences) is a pure logic puzzle. We present the solver with a regular lattice of dots. Their challenge is to connect adjacent dots with horizontal or vertical lines so that a single loop is formed through the lattice, with no crossings or branches.

Clues are provided in the form of numbers within the lattice which tell the solver how many lines must be drawn around it – eg, a number 1 will have one line connecting two of the four dots that surround it.

Where no number is given, there may be any number of lines. There is only one possible solution, which the solver can arrive at by a process of logic – it is never necessary to guess.


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