Old Scotland Yard Puzzles

Puzzles that give clues to solve fictional crimes from Victorian London.

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Old Scotland Yard Puzzles is a title in our Puzzler Presents range of bookazines, with the tagline ‘New-style puzzles inspired by old-time crimes!’ Each volume contains the fictional crime casebooks of the Victorian detectives of Old Scotland Yard. The solver is given background information and a series of puzzles that provide clues to help get to the bottom of these criminal conundrums. 

To evoke the atmosphere of London’s murky past, the design uses sepia, calligraphic fonts and line drawings, reminiscent of Victorian letters and newspapers.

A broad range of word, logic, number and visual puzzles are adapted to provide the clues. For example, the shaded squares of a completed Suguru reveal the combination code to unlock a briefcase. The trail of words through a Pathfinder reveals the message written by a poisoner. Cracking a codeword reveals the name of a ship with a cargo that thieves have their sights on. 

Alongside the cases are notebook pages with puzzles that can be solved singularly, rather than in a series, to keep the solver’s puzzling prowess sharp.


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