Candy Crush Puzzles with King

Puzzles featuring Candy Crush characters, artwork and aspects of gameplay.

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Candy Crush Puzzles was a full-colour magazine created in collaboration with King. The puzzles and design were carefully chosen and created to capture the essence of the digital game. Solvers encountered the Candy Crush characters, artwork and lexicon – plus familiar elements such as game levels, points and ‘collecting orders’.

The visual appeal of Candy Crush readily lent itself to picture puzzles such as Spot The Difference and Maze.

Other puzzles were adapted to use elements from Candy Crush – for example, Suguru using different coloured candy instead of numbers, and Stars using frosting. Wordsearch became a puzzle in which the solver sought not words in a grid of letters, but X-shaped formations of five different coloured candies in a grid of candies. Yet more puzzles were invented specifically for this magazine, to capture aspects of the gameplay


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