Unforgettable Puzzles & Pastimes

Puzzles and activities designed to stimulate the mind and memory of those living with dementia.

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Puzzles & Pastimes was created in collaboration with Unforgettable, a company providing products, advice and a supportive community for all those affected by dementia. The content of the bookazine was carefully chosen to stimulate mind and memory. The simple design used large fonts and nostalgic images throughout.

The pages contained both puzzles and activities designed to exercise memory, hand-eye co-ordination, language use, simple arithmetic, spatial awareness and attention

A grading system allowed the solver or their carer to choose an appropriate level. Among the featured puzzles were Wordsearch, picture puzzles, Crossword and maths sums using real-life shopping scenarios. The activities included colouring, recipes to follow and a family tree to fill in.


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