Identify the word that connects to the word in front and the word that follows.

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Linkword (aka Missing Link and Link Ladder) is a word association puzzle in which the solver is challenged to identify the words of a specific length that can be joined in some way to each of the words on either side of it, to form two new words or phrases. For example, a four-letter word that comes after COUGH and before SCONE is DROP (cough drop and drop scone). 

The solver enters the answers into a grid – which may have all four-letter answers or answers of varying lengths.

Once the puzzle is solved, the letters in highlighted squares reading down the grid will spell out a word – which makes Linkword a good option for a competition puzzle.

The words and phrases formed by the answer word can include proper nouns, such as the names of people or places. Unusual clue words tend to be easier to solve (eg TICKLED ____ GIN, leading to the answer PINK). Simple words often require more thought (eg TURN ____ COAT, leading to the answer TAIL).


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