Puzzle Club with Pearson Education

Puzzles to support children’s learning in Key Stage 2 Maths, English and Science.

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Packed with entertaining puzzles, brainteasers and fascinating facts, Puzzle Club was a full-colour magazine created in collaboration with Pearson Education. Fully endorsed by educational experts and rigorously tested for fun by our pupil panel, this exciting magazine for 7- to 11-year-olds (Key Stage 2) was linked to the National Curriculum.

Puzzles such as Crossword and Add Up clearly require knowledge and ability to solve. Other puzzle types were cleverly adapted to incorporate learning in Maths, English and Science. For example, a Tangled Lines puzzle was used to teach the formula for converting miles to kilometres.

A history lesson was incorporated into a puzzle requiring the solver to select the correct word to fill each blank in the passage. Lessons ranged from algebra and physics to spelling and punctuation, with Wordsearch and Kriss Kross puzzles being used to reinforce target language.

The pages were bright, colourful and engaging, with characters from the cartoon Puzzle Club gang appearing throughout. Colour coding, icons and labels were used to identify the academic subject areas being supported by the puzzles on each page.


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